What is Nclusive 360°?

Nclusive 360° is an inclusion framework helping to tackle issues in recruiting diverse applicants, retain high talent, build innovative products, and shed light on new markets. This framework allows your team to become more inclusive in areas you seek to improve through analyzing company culture and tactics, and pivots small points for early wins. Our process sparks disruption, spur collective thinking, unify shared vision, and paddle towards the future.

From where did this originate?

Over the years of working with clients, we have examined several organizations' internal workings and experimented several tactics for improving inclusion from original thinking and institutions like IDEO, Lean Startup, and Google Ventures. By combining the effective stratagems and evolving them through trial runs with multiple variables, Nclusive 360° was born. Nclusive 360° continues to mature, and shall continue to be elevated as time progress and more case studies materialize.

Come see how this unfolds for your team.


Wetogethr sits down with your organization to hear directly from you, the stakeholders. In a non-judgemental way, we listen to hear how your efforts on inclusion and diversity been implemented since it was first launched. Our purpose is to hear your desired goals, state of inclusion and diversity, and potential objectives.


After Discovery, our team evaluates the multiple touch points from your team(s) and potential hires to gauge the experience. These can include but not limited to leadership structure, external and internal marketing, job descriptions, team building, focus groups, surveys, and career development framework. By researching your organization’s current inclusion efforts using safe, nonjudgmental interviews, we assess potential barriers for growth and holistic integration.


Once we have analyzed your current challenges, a Nclusive 360° plan will be crafted targeting crucial points for adjustment. The IAP will effectively improve your organization’s inclusion by outlining steps that are actionable and trackable.


Using your personalized Nclusive 360°, Wetogethr will work with you and your team every step of the way to holistically integrate Nclusive 360° within your corporate framework. Using Lean and Agile methodologies, we will observe and iterate throughout the entire process adjusting our action plan when needed along with establishing key performance indicators (KPIs). The action plan will be tracked over a set period of time for unforeseeable changes while executing the plan.


After your Nclusive 360° has been implemented, we will have check-ins to review the long term success of your inclusion efforts and recommend an adjusted Nclusive 360° for new challenges and opportunities within your organization.