About Brilliance Cafe

Brilliance Cafe is a podcast series created by Matt Ashton and Wetogethr.

Wetogethr is an agency focused on innovation and holistic inclusion.

Hosted by Matt Ashton and Wetogethr's CCO Sibyl Edwards, Brilliance Cafe is a podcast covering innovation, creativity, disruption and social impact across different industries. Listen as Brilliance Cafe talks with innovators - some you may or may not know -  disrupting the space and their communities.

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More About Your Hosts

More About Matt

Matt Ashton is management consultant and podcast engineer at Media Tribe where he manages the media team and develop leads for the Innovators Studio at Impact Hub DC. He was also a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow and graduate of Stanford University.

More About Sibyl

Sibyl Edwards is a brand manager, strategist, designer and an advocate for tech inclusion and women in technology.

For over a decade, Sibyl has created successful digital campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit associations, NGOs and startups such as: The World Bank, DC Government, Social@Ogilvy, Rosetta Stone, GO Digital, Cision and Marriott.

Ms. Edwards is currently Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and partner of Wetogethr, a strategy agency whose focus is innovation, tech inclusion,and diversity. She also works on the digital team for The United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). As President of DC Web Women (DCWW) and Black Female Founders (#BFF), Sibyl volunteers her time helping to support and advocate for women in tech and tech-driven entrepreneurship.