Content marketing and big data still top marketing techniques for 2017

Credit to CMO from IDG

Credit to CMO from IDG

According to Smart Insights, content marketing, and big data will still play large roles for 2017 making up 40% of the top-rated digital marketing techniques surveyed by 2,352 of their readers. Typically speaking, these two techniques are deemed by professionals as two separate tactics mutually exclusive from one depending on the purpose of the tactics.

While the “Content is king” mantra spread around marketing once again, that phrase alone leaves out important information that makes content marketing vital. For it to have a true effect, I opt in to say “Content is king, context is queen and data is the treasurer” as1) you cannot pump irrelevant content to your target audience (context) believing you’re providing the right type of resources, and 2) you would understand the context and content better when you have the right data to support validate or debunk the hypothesis.

As these two techniques are crucial for successful marketing, they should both be blended together in order for digital marketers to comprehend the importance of using data to validate the type of content they are producing before they realize their materials have little to no impact on the marketing-sales conversion, growth or metrics. Unlike Act-on’s claim that ‘data-driven stories is the next big thing in content marketing’, it had always been that way for a few years in other industries. Example, Netflix’s House of Cards was aspired due to high spikes in viewers’ interest of Kevin Spacey, the original House of Cards, and director David Fincher. Marrying data and content is already proven as a perfect match according to eHarmony, not really but they could. 

Do you promote these at your company before you build the strategy, website or app?