Shade Room: Netflix Icon Design

Apparently I really like dark themed shows.

Apparently I really like dark themed shows.

By now you must have spent minutes searching for Netflix on your phone only to discover they changed the icon. No longer is the 7 lettered, company name bunched into a tiny icon, yet doesn't mean they quite nailed it down. Some people are pro-New Netflix icon whereas others are thrashing it. Going for the N is definitely a nice choice as it assumes the identity of the company in a small space and making it more mobile friendly, but icon design just doesn't sit well with us. So we're in camp flop down. 

It has taken roughly a week for the company to roll out the new design across all their customer intersection points, such as social media, favicon, and mobile devices, which is hindered brand consistency a tad bit. However, comparing the icons with the name design isn't consist itself. The logo is one dimension when the new icon is a small band wrapping around itself. Or is that suppose to be a film reel? A ribbon maybe? 

We're going on the limb Netflix wanted to make the icons more mobile friendly, but we would suggest them altering the icon to reflect its logo or to change its current logo to the new icon direction. Perhaps a flat N on a black background, a film reel in their N-shape or a cool design with NX. 

We want to hear your suggestions for improve unless you love the new icon.