What Can We Name DC as it Becomes a 51st State

Making its second appearance, DC is bidding to be a state once more and may finally succeed this time. Congress has received hits from multiple sides advocating for statehood: continuous push from Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mayor Muriel Bowser, and even John Oliver jumped on the subject, which is found at the bottom in case you need more info. In a few months, we may have to change our theme song to Welcome to New Columbia

As DC's statehood is set to be on the horizon, DC netizens flirt with the idea of rebranding Washington, DC under a new name to reflect its status change. Some vote to keep the name whereas the opposing party urges a brand new name, such as New Columbia or these colorful names. We got to thinking what would the new name be if DC was to rename itself. Thus we decided to play around with this as well, and this is what we developed:

Image Recognition

For the past four years, the DC metropolitan pushed for altering its image of being a government town to attractive attributes. We would suggest names that evokes these characteristics given the general push:

  • Encompassing the beltway
    • DC is not really DC without its neighbors coming into the city for work and play.
  • Diversity
    • We have a rich and large scope of diversity, such as 50-50 gender ratio, magnitude of cultural and national differentiations, 10% of the population with an ability enhancement, leader of women in power and top 5 for minority owned businesses.
  • Startup, tech and innovation
    • The area is hungry for new innovative companies to emerge, and have invested resources dedicated to seeing this prosperous.
  • Refined hipster
    • I would say the area wants hipsters who aren’t so uptight and not such tightwads when it comes to DC goods.
  • Acknowledging the past
    • Changing DC’s name without a thought to the past would strip its historical leadership, especially for native DC residents. I for one am against using the name Columbus as my opinion is fairly negative of the explorer, so I would suggest pointing to other influential characters that truly resonate with us.


After understanding the multiple points of the nation’s capital, brain dumping tons of names would direct the desired naming process.

  • New Lincoln (in respect to Abe)
  • East Virginia
  • Washingtonus (Washington + Columbus)
  • Columbington (Columbus + Washington)
  • Marytonia (Maryland + Washington + Virginia)
  • Districtville
  • District of Potomac
  • Luong (hey a guy can dream right?)
  • San Columbus / San Washington
  • Center of the World
  • Newer York
  • Silicon District
  • New DC

Of course, this is a simplification of choosing the name, but then the fun of selecting colors, fonts, messaging and so forth is the real fun to join. 

What would you name the district? Comment below or tweet to us. Here's the video as promised.