Trump Unifies Diversity By Being Against Humanity

A few weeks back, the crack team at BuzzFeed sent Mark Davis, a BuzzFeed graphic designer, to the dungeon in order to create a satirical font embodying the demigod we call Donnie Trump. Thus, Tiny Font was born. You can download it here.

Thanks to them, we figured we should do our part in saving America and utilize their font for the bigly good of humanity. And what better way than to take our favorite game, Cards Against Humanity, combine that with several quotes, and another version of Trump Against Humanity. Seriously, there's a ton of them, including an official version from CAH which is out of stock. We figured it wouldn't hurt to add another one to the mix. 

For the impending doom that is a Trump presidency, let's grab life by the pussy and add this to our regular deck until the four horsemen, aka Trump Kids, arrive on our gracious land. You can download the game here, and use the directions CAH team gave in the past to make your own.