How These Brands Rebranded Themselves

Rebranding is a way for companies to redefine themselves. It's a way for them to keep up with their ever-changing markets. It's a way that they can completely change and try something else. Rebranding can happen at anytime, for any company. Find out why  and how these companies did it. 


Taco Bell

Since 2014, Taco Bell has been slowly making improvements to appeal to the more modern fast-food goers. They started with remodeling the look of their locations. Upgrading to a sleek yet homey style for their restaurants. Now after 20 years, this rebranding and redesign have extended to their logo. Long gone is the classic pink and purple/blue bell. Recently, they have unveiled a logo that is simple and modern—a purple bell. This new logo is an extension of the rebranding that they have been doing for the past few years. The new logo was revealed in the newest Las Vegas location. Even more recently they have upgraded their upgrades in terms of décor. Some locations in California have taken on an ultra modern yet still homey design. They are on par with restaurants such as Chipotle. Now the only question is, when will their other locations catch up and take on this makeover?



You remember Barbie, right? Skinny, white, blonde hair, blue eyes? Symbol of what perfection should be in a woman? Well, she is a new woman now! Mattel has rebranded Barbie into a toy that can relate to all different girls (and boys), in a way. It has been 57 years since Barbie has done anything so iconic and transformative to its brand. Since it was starting to lose sales in the doll, they had to come up with something new, rather than just let her go and move on with other dolls that they own. Barbie now comes in different sizes (tall, petite, and curvy), skin tones, facial shapes, as well as, different hair and eye color. I don’t know about you, but with what our world is facing today with the criticism of young girls (and boys) and body issues, I think this rebrand happened at the right time.


Starting in 2011, Snapchat was just a fun app to send a short video or a limited time picture to friends. Since then the company has gained over 150 million users across the world.  Snapchat, though relatively new, has rebranded itself recently to reflect a bigger picture (haha, get it?!). Snap Inc., as it is known now, wants to reflect a company that does more than a fun app. With the release of the Snapchat Spectacles, the company is hoping to get into more innovative camera technologies for the masses. The CSO of the company, Imran Khan, said this of the rebrand: "We rebranded our company to Snap Inc. because we are bigger than just one app. Snap Inc. is a camera company—we believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate."

Jaguar Land Rover

The Jaguar Land Rover is a classic and prestigious car in the UK and just an all-around prestigious car in the US. In the UK however, this brand has been so iconic and classic that they almost fell behind. Jaguar Land Rover have positioned themselves as to be able to accommodate the need and the demand for the classic car sector. With a rich history and an ever-changing and competitive marketplace, the brand needed to be changed. Therefore, without diluting or diminishing its history, Jaguar Land Rover became Jaguar Land Rover Classic, to properly sit within the Land Rover family. Along with the name change came a logo change. Again, with a company with such rich history and prestige, they didn’t do much to change the logo. But the subtle changes they made had a huge impact on them. Going from a somewhat blocky and frankly inflexible logo, to one that has a “newfound simplicity, confidence, and clarity of position” has brought the brand a sleeker and more modern look, while still maintaining its traditional and classic heritage.


The story paraphrased from one of the founders himself, Brandon Luong: 

Brandon started at Guanxi Innovations to bend both eastern and western philosophy of business. From there Brandon met Sibyl Edwards. The two paired up and joined with a third at Creative Cycle. After parting from Creative Cycle, Brandon and Sibyl rebranded the company as Wetogethr. Brainstorming in a WeWork session, they wanted to create something that would represent who they are and the holistic services they brought, without being too crazy. Inspiration hit Brandon like a sign flashing the name… (almost literally). A sign saying something along the lines of “together we can stand..." From there, Wetogethr. Together we design, together we brand, and together we kick shit up. Wetogether. They wanted to keep the color green and so far have that one color that pops yet, is able to be fluent in other colors. Additionally, they chose the asterisk mark because it has multiple uses yet is clearly defined in context, just like they are. The * is used for censorship, encrypting passwords, correcting the last text message, footer, etc. So, they embrace that.

Let us know of any rebrands you'd like to hear about!